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Viewer & Model Derivatives

Choose a model to upload on your session, or upload your own model.

Get an access token

Enter your Client and Secret keys to get a valid Access token is risky

Sending Client and Secret keys via an http request is not recommended. Be aware of the risk of sending sensitive information over the internet.
However, if you are using this tool over https once in a while, it should be ok.

Available Models on your session

List of translated models on your session loaded through that web site, during this session
Currently translating...
Remember to save these urn by copying them before closing your session, otherwise you will lose the reference to your translated files.

Load Models on your session

Choose one of the model examples below,

or upload your own model

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Please note that your uploaded models are not visible to others. The list is saved into a cookie and will be removed from the list once you leave this session.

This is the token returned by the APS Authorization server

Time before expiration:
The Access Token is currently saved into a cookie for the duration of your session.